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The 20 Best Diet Tips EVER!


Ask 100 people for their top diet tip and you'll probably get 100 different answers... and most of them will directly conflict with the each other. It seems that everybody thinks they know the secret to losing weight... but have you ever noticed that it's always the 'big boned' people that think they know the most?

So, how do you know which tips work and which are nothing but crazy old wives tales? Despair no more :) you're about to discover the TOP 20 best diet tips 'n' tricks of all time. Period.'d better hurry up and order a new wardrobe because you're about to super slim.

Let's get started!!

Tip #1 - Don't cheat on your calorie count

If you're counting calories (which you definitely should be if you want to lose weight!) then make sure you do it honestly! Contrary to a very commonly told lie... the calorific content of 'food on your partners plate' is EXACTLY the same as food on your plate! So stealing tidbits of their food still needs to be added to your count.

Similarly, 'polishing off the scraps' as you clear away the dishes also needs to be added to your count.

Lots of people try to cheat their calorie count but they are only cheating themselves. Be honest. If you want to take a little extra then go for it, but make sure you count it and stick to your limits.

If your calorie count isn't accurate and honest it's worthless. However... as soon as you commit to keeping a truthful honest and accurate calorie count it suddenly becomes and incredibly valuable tool. It can motivate you, guide you, help you and bring you great comfort, especially at times when you need it most.

Allow your calorie count to be your friend and use it to inspire your diet. It's incredibly rewarding when you know that a work out you just did has burned up more calories than the snack you previously indulged put in, but you ONLY get that reward if you're honest with your count.

Tip #2 - Eat like Traffic Lights! (Part One!)

Traffic lights are the perfect guide to what you should put on your plate and how you should eat it! First up we're going to be using traffic lights to determine what you should be eating.

This is very simple.

With EVERY meal include at least one food that is either RED, ORANGE or GREEN!!

Most red, orange and green foods (We're talking about fruits and veggies here... NOT deep fried chicken!!!) are very good for you. When they are taking up room on your plate you have less space for the nasty foods that pile on the pounds.

Colourful fruit and veg is great for your skin too, so it'll not only help you lose weight, but it'll also make you look younger :) BONUS!!

Tip #3 - Eat like Traffic Lights! (Part Two!)

You know how traffic lights continually stop and start... well that's exactly how your should be eating EVERY meal!

Most overweight people just shovel food into their mouths like it's going out of fashion. The next fork full is already waiting before the last one has even been swallowed.


When you eat you must take your time. Every time you put food into your mouth STOP focusing on the food on your plate, put your knife and fork down and shift your focus to the wonderful flavours and sensations that are happening inside your mouth. Chew your food. Enjoy it. Savour it!

Take your time to completely chew each mouthful and notice all of the flavours and textures before you swallow. Then and ONLY then, shift your focus back to your plate, pick up your knife and fork and prepare your next mouthful.

Just think of those trusty traffic lights. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. You get the idea ;)

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Tip #4 - Don't get too hungry

If you're hungry you'll make terrible decisions about food. And you'll very probably snack on whatever is most readily available (which is very rarely healthy).

So... here's a cool 2 part top tip.

Part 1 - Don't get too hungry! It's just not good at all. Aside of making you eat things you normally wouldn't it also sends a message to your body that food is rare so it's time to start storing up as much fat as possible! (You're body is all about survival, it doesn't care about looking super slim n sexy. So if it thinks that food is running out it will start to become VERY efficient and turning any food you do eat into fat that it'll be able to use later when the food has all gone.)

Part 2 - If you know you're likely to go hungry, give in and start snacking then make sure you have some healthy snacks that are ready to go :) A hard boiled egg or some nuts are perfect for this. You can keep some nuts in your car just in case. So the next time you fill up and your tummy rumbles you can avoid buying 'just one Mars bar' and nibble on some healthy nuts instead.

Tip #5 - Drink More Water

If you feel peckish, drink a glass of water, wait for a few minutes and then check to see if your peckish feelings have gone. About 80% of the time your body is craving water (very few people actually drink enough water so we all go around in a state of semi-hydration)

Obviously, water is in pretty much everything we eat, so when you feel the urge to eat something it's often your body craving water. It's telling you to eat something because that's how you usually get moisture into your body.

So... STOP. Close the fridge, get out of the pantry and go grab a cool refreshing glass of life giving water. HMMMM!!!

Oh... another interesting thing about water. You are FAR more likely to carry excess water weight in you don't drink enough water, as opposed to if you drink to much. Just like we discover in tip 4, your body is all about survival. If you don't drink enough water your body assumes their is a water storage so it tried to hold on to some and you put on water weight. If you drink enough (or even a little too much) then your body knows that there's plenty of water and it doesn't keep any extra back.

Tip #6 - Eat SPICY food!

You know the myth about spicy food speeding up your metabolism. It's true. But that's not all... Spicy food has some pretty cool qualities that are very handy when you're trying to lose weight. Chillies contain capsaicin, which (clever scientists have discovered) causes your brain to release feel good endorphins :) and if that isn't enough, research by the British Journal of Nutrition suggests that it also help to curb hunger.

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Tip #7 - Diet drinks ruin your diet!

Diet drinks contain less sugar, which is great. You eat less sugar you lose weight, right? Well yes, that's true but it's not the full story. Diet drinks are still sweet because they contain artificial sweeteners to make them taste like their full fat cousins.

Herein lies the problem... and it's a BIG FAT problem. Artificial sweeteners mess with your bodies natural ability to regulate calorie intake in a really BIG way.

Your body is an amazing machine but if you confuse it, it can't do it's job properly. To be on the safe side avoid anything with artificial sweeteners, they're just not worth it. Instead just drink more water!!

Tip #8 - Calorie counting is NOT enough!

On tip 1 we talked about the importance of counting calories, but that's not really enough. It's no good just thinking about your diet in terms of numbers in numbers out. If you are eating crappy calories then you're going to real struggle to lose weight and you'll probably be incredibly unhealthy if you do.

So... don't just count calories, make a solemn commitment to including a nice variety of nutritious foods in your diet.

You should be including carbs, protein and fat when you eat (the good fats that is... and all in moderation!)

Tip #9 - "I'll have the SOUP please"

Always start your meal with a low calorie vegetable soup. Research shows that doing this will result in eating 20% less calories from your overall meal.

It makes sense... you're filling up a little on soup so you're much less likely to eat so much during your main meal. And (much more importantly) if you're out for a meal, filling up on soup, followed by a main meal will mean that you are not so likely to order a dessert.

You still eat well, go away satisfied and feel full, but you have taken on 20% less calories. Just because you had the soup :)

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Tip #10 - STOP when you're full

This one goes hand in hand with tip 3. When you eat food it takes a while for your body to process what's just happened.

So, think of eating like this....

At some point you WILL become full. and when you hit that point you want to stop eating (If you don't you end up completely ruining your meal and spend the rest of the evening incapacitated on the sofa with you top button undone rubbing your poorly belly)

Now, here's the tricky part...

How do you know which mouthful is the one that makes you hit your fullness limit? Well... there's only ONE way to find out. Wait. That's it! Just wait. you don't have to wait for hours, you just need a little pause after EVERY mouthful to give your body the chance to say 'That's enough, I'm happy and satisfied, no more thank you.'

So, eat... STOP... wait, pay attention. Are you full yet? If the answer is yes then stop eating, you've had enough. At this point it doesn't matter how much food is left on your plate, none of it should be going into your mouth. From this point on you may as well look at the contents of your plate as being lumps of fat that is gonna head straight for your thighs and bum if you are foolish enough to even touch it.

Tip #11 - Cut down on SALT

Salt is a BIG problem when it comes to weight gain because it messes with the signals that your body is giving you about the way your actually feel. It causes you to feel hungry and thirsty, which makes you eat and drink more.

Most people eat roughly double the amount of salt they should be so check the labels of products you buy and look for lower salt content alternatives.

As for the salt you sprinkle on your fries... try using rock salt instead of the stuff you buy at the supermarket. (I use Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, you might want to Google it and see if you feel you'd like to change over to it too).

Tip #12 - Don't starve yourself at night

There's a common myth that you shouldn't eat after a certain time, some people say 7pm, others as early as 5!!! The trouble is, if you do that you tend to grind your metabolism down and the next day you're feeling so hungry that you are very likely to over eat.

As a simple rule, just make sure you have about 90 minutes after your last meal before you go to bed so that you have plenty of time to digest your meal.

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Tip #13 - Breathe Deeply

When you STOP what you are doing for a minute or two, bring your focus back to yourself and just take a few nice long relaxing deep breaths your brain starts to release those lovely feel good chemicals that reduce stress and make you smile.

When that happens, you are far less likely to reach for a 'stress snack'. So, make a solemn vow to yourself right now that at least 2 times every day while you are at work you'll take a 5 minute break to just relax completely and focus on nothing but your breathing. (If you have to then you can do this in the toilet!) Whatever it takes, just grab yourself 5mins twice a day to do this simple exercise and you can wave goodbye to those pesky cravings. (You'll also save yourself some cash if you've been piling the pennies into the staff vending machine!).

Tip #14 - Eat before you eat!!!

If you are going out to a party where there will be buffet food then grab yourself a quick light healthy bite to eat BEFORE you leave the house. Research shows that people that starve themselves all day because they know they've got an 'all you can eat banquet later' (Yes, we've all done it!) on average will consume 47% more calories than people that have a quick light healthy snack before leaving for the party.

Why so high? It's all down to bad decision making. When we are hungry we tend to jump right into the fatty, cheesy, stodgy goodies. But just a light healthy snack can take the edge of the hunger enough to have you in the right mindset to make right decisions. As a result you end up with much more nutritious food on your buffet plate a far far fewer calories.

Tip #15 - Use chopsticks!!

Chopsticks force good eating habits, especially if you're not very good with them! They automatically reduce the size of each mouthful and force you to focus on what you are putting into your mouth. When you use chopsticks you become a more conscious eater.

Think of a traditional knife and fork (or even a spoon) as a scoop on a digger, blindly shovelling food into your mouth. when I dine out I like to watch peoples eating habits (discreetly of course) and I cant believe how much some people manage to get onto a fork, it seems as though they feel like they've failed if the entire length of each fork tine isn't covered with food!

Thinking about what you eat, eating it consciously and putting smaller portions of food into your mouth are all very good ways of controlling over eating. Chopsticks make this much much easer.

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Tip #16 - Eat treats VERY SLOWLY

Whatever it is that you treat yourself with, that's fine. Even if it is something you really know you shouldn't. I'm not going to tell you to give up on your favourite treats. BUT... and this is very important. I AM going to suggest that you change the WAY that you eat it.

If you want a treat then STOP what you are doing and take a full 10 minutes to eat it. Start VERY VERY slowly. Take one bite. Notice the texture, flavour and smell. Really try to notice the way it tastes as you move it around in you mouth. Notice how it tastes differently in different places of your mouth. Now take you time to chew it slowly. Enjoy it. Savour the experience.

You should chew whatever it is you are eating 20 times and notice every sensation as you do (Oh... as you're doing this you should have your next mouthful waiting! Put down your eating tools, or your food if you're just using your hands. Make your ENTIRE focus be on the food in your mouth).

Once you're swallowed it ask yourself if you enjoyed it. Did you enjoy the taste? Do you feel satisfied? Notice EXACTLY how you feel now that you have swallowed it. If you feel full. STOP EATING. Even if you have only had one bite. If you want another bite then go for it. But make sure you eat it in exactly the same slow and deliberately conscious way. Continue in this way until you feel full and stop or you finish the snack.

Tip #17 - Don't 'Exercise to Eat!'

Most people totally over estimate the number of calories that they burn when they exercise, then they over eat because they think that their 'post work out treat' has been 'paid for'.

Exercise requires effort, but it gives you amazing rewards if you don't steal them away after you've done the work. Allow the feeling that 'YOU DID IT!' be your reward. And when the pounds start dropping off because you're not destroying all of your good work with snacks that will only make you feel guilty later anyway, then you can start to feel REALLY good!

If you do want to replace the calories you just burned at the gym then talk to the gym staff and have them tell you exactly how many calories you really burned. It's very very easy to be tempted to eat something you shouldn't if you think you've burned more calories than you have.

Don't let your hard work go to waste!

Tip #18 - Eat EVERY 3 hours

There's a sneaky hormone in your body called ghrelin. This hormone controls hunger and makes you crave food. It usually kicks in after 3 or 4 hours of fasting and if you are low on carbs it really spikes.

When ghrelin strikes it causes us to crave sugar and makes it really difficult to stick to a healthy diet plan. It's also responsible for emotional hunger and comfort eating.

Because it usually doesn't kick in until you've been fasting for over 3 hours, having a small, balanced and nutritious snack every 3 hours can stop it in its tracks. It may sound counterintuitive but eating more often can really stop you from piling on the pounds. And starving yourself for 3 hours or more makes it very difficult to resist the temptation of binging on sugary snacks.

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Tip #19 - Track your food intake

When you track your food with an accurate food diary it brings your eating habits into your conscious awareness... which does some pretty special things to you. It changes the way you think about food and effects the way that you eat. It's also essential if you want to count calories.

However... you MUST be honest and accurate. Record what you eat, how much you eat and if you dollop on lots of sauce! Research has shown that people that keep an accurate food diary lose TWICE as much weight as those that don't! TWICE AS MUCH!!! I know it's crazy, but we can't argue with science! Keeping a food diary works. for lots of reasons, so if you want to be TWICE as successful at losing weight, go grab your journal now and write down EVERYTHING you had for breakfast. Well go on then!! Chop chop!!!

Tip #20 - Sleep yourself slim!

Recent research by the University of Pennsylvania shows that sleep deprivation will often lead to immediate weight gain. During a study participants slept for 10 hours for 2 nights, then 5 nights of restricted sleep and 4 nights of recovery. Compared to a control group that had normal sleep without any deprivation the participants gained an average of 3 pounds!! So if you want a nice easy way to lose weight, go to bed early!!

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