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Quick Tips That Will Add 20 Yards To Your Drive


Before we discuss the 5 tips that add an extra 20 yards to your drive let's take a moment to talk about equipment. I respect that this is something you probably already know but it's definitely worth mentioning here, just in case.

If you want to steal some extra yardage for free (by free, I mean you won't need to learn anything new or practise!) then the quickest way to do this is to play with a harder ball, and a longer club!

But let's not fall into the trap of blaming your equipment!

These tips are all about you, your drive and your ability to thwack the same ball an extra 20 yards with the same club. So let's get down to business...

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Tip 1 - Get tee'd up... A little more!

The position of your ball is on the tee is really important. You want to make sure you get this exactly right before you start swinging your club. When the club face makes contact with the ball two things need to happen...

You want to hit the ball with the sweet spot, right in the middle of the club face. At the point of contact the club should be travelling in an upward motion.

The first of these points often causes beginners to tee up too low. And the second to tee up too close! Visualise the curve of your swing, and position the bottom of this curve just behind the ball. When you hit the ball you don't want to be at the bottom of the curve, you want to be on your way back up, sending the ball soaring into the air.

You need a little bit of space behind the ball for the upward motion to begin so move your swing back a little. Make sure that your hands are just behind the ball at address. Now that you've got the club hitting the ball on the way up you need to make sure the ball is set high enough on the tee. The perfect height is to have the middle of the ball level with the top of your club, so that half of the ball is showing above the club if viewed from behind (while lying on the floor!).

This is one of the easiest ways to add distance to your drive, because you're not actually changing your swing. You just need to remember to position your hands slightly behind the ball and make sure it's high enough on the tee. Until you get used to this position it can be useful to visualise a ball just slightly back from yours and hit that one as you normally would. Then you'll strike the real ball on your follow through, as the club begins to travel up.

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Tip 2 - Build a solid foundation

To paraphrase Robert Kiyosaki, if you want to build a skyscraper you first need to dig a deep hole and lay down some serious foundations. You can't build a sky scraper on a few feet on concrete. However, if you just want to knock up a garden shed then laying down a few slabs will do the job just fine.

Now let's apply this to philosophy to golf.

If you want to hit the ball far (and on target) you need a good solid stance. To achieve this, set your feet slightly wider that you would for a normal shot and keep your balance even between your toes and heels. You need to be solid, but you also need to have flexibility. When you begin your swing visualise it starting deep underground and surging up through your entire body, including your legs. Remember that your stance has to be solid, but it also needs to be flexible. It really helps to imagine that you're a tennis player waiting to receive the serve.

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Tip 3 - Take it all the way back

If you want to hit the ball far you must complete your back swing. Be sure to remain relaxed during your swing and don't rush it. Think of your swing as an action that starts underground and moves up through your entire body as you draw the club backwards.

Imagine your body is like a spring and you need to wind it all the way up to get as much power as possible into your swing. As you 'wind-up' the energy on the back swing the club becomes an extension of your body until you have stored energy all the way to the very tip of the club head.

Take care to fully complete your back swing before you turn that coiled spring energy into forward motion.

As you 'un-wrap' your swing imagine that your feet are the handle of a whip, and the club head is the tip of the whip that is massively accelerated by the uncoiling motion.

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Tip 4 - Don't pull your punches!

In karate, the warrior doesn't punch at the target, he punches through the target. Follow through gives you tremendous power so make sure you don't stifle your swing after you've hit the ball.

What happens after the strike may seem unimportant. The ball is already on it's way so you'd think that there's not a lot you can do at this stage to increase the distance. But a good follow through creates a good swing.

Focusing on the follow through also does something else really important that very few people realise. When you focus on your follow through you remove your conscious focus away from the more crucial parts of the swing (the parts that you can really mess up if you over think them!) this means that your subconscious mind has to take control, and it is a much much better golfer than you will ever be!

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Tip 5 - See it, believe it and see it again!

This is probably the most powerful tip of all.

Before you even address the ball, visualise yourself taking the perfect shot. See yourself through the eyes of one of your friends. Admire the perfection and grace of your swing. And then watch in amazement as the ball disappears over the horizon.

Now, see it again. Only this time see it through your eyes.

Visualise every part of the shot, the approach, teeing the ball, the address, the back swing... everything! And be sure to remember that follow through. See everything going perfectly and really feel it too. Feel that satisfying sensation as you strike the ball perfectly with the sweet spot and watch it travel so far it disappears from view.... Really exaggerate your expectations here. Don't just visualise it landing 20 yards beyond your previous longest drive, but miles and miles past it!

Take your time with this and repeat it if necessary until you feel really really good about your shot. Now bring those feelings back with you and let them flood through your body as you approach the ball. Be confident, and know that you're about to perfectly replicate what you've just imagined.

This exaggerated visualisation serves two important purposes.

First, it makes your shot more accurate. The further into the distance you imagine your ball travelling in a straight line the more accurate you'll hit it. This works because of the magnification of a slight error over distance. If you hook or slice the ball even slightly, the further it travels the more off course it'll be. But if you train your mind to see the ball travelling a massive distance in a straight line then your mind will automatically program your body to hit the ball square.

The second benefit is a psychological one. Imagine that your belief in your ability to hit the ball a certain distance is like a spring, and when you practise visualisation you are stretching the spring, but the spring always returns to it's original size. When you really exaggerate the visualisation and hit the ball miles you are stretching the spring way beyond its limits and it can never go back.

This smashes your belief and allows your mind to unlock a little more of your true potential. Limiting belief is incredibly powerful, it will cause you to subconsciously sabotage your swing so that you can only hit the ball as far as your belief allow.

Before Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile barrier in 1952 nobody believed it was possible, so their belief stopped them from doing it. After he proved it could be done many other athletes where able to replicate his achievement. Not because they'd suddenly become stronger or improved their technique, but because they were no longer sabotaging their success with a limiting belief.

Visualisation is very very powerful, don't overlook it ;)

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