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How to Stop Back Pain Fast

How To Stop Back Pain

I suffered from lower back pain for many years, caused by bad posture and spending far too many hours bent over my keyboard typing. If you suffer from back pain then you have my sympathies, it's no fun at all.

It wasn't until my pain got so bad that I couldn't sleep that I finally did something about it. My solution, I spent a small fortune on a very special chair and a memory foam bed. However, I needn't have done that. Here are 9 quick tips that you can do today to help reduce or even eliminate your back pain completely.

Let's get started...

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Tip 1 - Adjust Your Sleeping Position

Some sleeping positions are really bad for your back and should be avoided if possible. If you can only sleep in a position that exacerbates back problems then you can make use of strategically placed pillows to help support the natural curve of your spine.

Experiment with different positions to see what works best for you. As you switch your position you will need to add or remove pillows to help keep your neck and head supported at a comfortable angle.

Doctors often recommend sleeping on your side with your knees pulled up towards your chest as a way of reducing back problems.

If you prefer to sleep on your back then add a pillow under your knees and another under your lower spine. Sleeping on your front causes the most problems but if this is the only position that you can sleep in then add a pillow under your hips.

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Tip 2 - Get a Foot Rest

Posture while sitting is very important. The best type of chair for your back is one with a high straight back or low-back support. Of course this isn't always an option, but one thing you can do to instantly improve any seat is to use a foot rest.

I'm not suggesting that you put your feet up, but rather that you use a foot rest to elevate your feet a few inches off the floor. The idea is to raise your knees so that they are a little above the level of your hips. This position helps to take pressure away from your spine and reduces the risk of developing back problems.

Of course you don't actually need a foot rest to do this. I'm sure you could find something that you already have around the house to prop up your feet a few inches and get your knees slightly above your hips. Why not grab something now and I'll meet you back here for tip number 3 in a few moments. ;)

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Tip 3 - Go Handbag Shopping!

Any excuse to buy a new bag, right? Well this tip may give you the best reason ever to invest in a new bag. If you carry a bag over your shoulder the uneven weight will twist your spine. To combat this problem you need to even out the weight as much as possible.

One way to reduce the problem is to use a bag with a longer shoulder strap that goes over your head to the opposite shoulder. This will help to even up the load a little but it's still not ideal, especially if your bag is heavy.

When carrying a shoulder bag be sure to switch sides every few minutes so that all the pressure and weight isn't constantly on the same side. You should also take measures to reduce the weight of your bag as much as possible. Get into the habit of regularly removing all of the contents from your bag and only putting back in what you really need. You'll discover that you carry a lot more junk around that you realise and every little helps to lighten the load.

Another way to reduce the weight is to transfers items you do need to other places, do you carry your phone and keys in your bag when they could easily fit into a pocket?

The best solution to the bag problem is to invest in a bag that distributes the weight evenly, such as a back pack, or avoid carrying anything that at all.

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Tip 4 - Get Regular Exercise

When you're in pain it's often tempting to move as little as possible but it's important that you do some exercise. There are some simple back stretching exercises or yoga positions that you can do to help relieve pain but you should consult with your doctor before you undergo any exercise regime.

Even very gentle physical activity is proven to reduce inflammation and muscle fatigue. Try to incorporate some simple stretching exercises into your daily routine and you'll soon begin to feel the benefits.

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Tip 5 - Lift AND Lower With Correct Posture

Lifting anything heavy is not a good idea when you have back pain but if it's completely unavoidable then be sure that you exercise correct posture.

Never bend at the waste when lifting. Bend your knees and squat down, keeping your back straight. When you lift a weight keep it close to your body and don't twist or bend.

It's important to remember to use the same squatting technique when you put the item back down too. Many people take great care when lifting but completely forget to keep good posture when setting the item back down.

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Tip 6 - Keep You Bum Level

Whenever you are sitting be sure that you buttocks are level. Things you need to consider are lumpy sofas, scatter cushions, damaged furniture or anything in your back pocket!

If you keep your wallet in your back pocket make sure you take it out before sitting down. This goes for driving too. Before you get into your car remove anything from your back pockets and be sure that you are seated evenly in your seat.

Sitting on an uneven surface, or with something in your back pocket will rotate your pelvis and twist your spine. This will put uneven pressure on your muscles and ultimately lead to even more pain.

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Tip 7 - Lower Your High Heels

If you wear heels try to keep them under an inch. Anything higher can shift your centre of gravity and put unnecessary strain on the muscles of your lower back.

Also be sure to keep a spare pair of flats in your car so that you can change out of your heels if you need to.

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Tip 8 - Stretch Your Spine

We've already mentioned the importance of exercise but you should also get into the habit of stretching your back. Yoga is particularly good at lengthening the spine and reducing tension on the back muscles.

Visit your local gym and talk with an trained instructor, they will be able to teach you some very basic back stretching exercises that you can do yourself at home. This will really help to reduce pain as well as strengthen your back and reduce the risk of future injury.

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