Terms of Use - Section One: General Use

This website provides a selection of ebooks for free download. You may freely distribute or sell any of the books that you download from this website. If you wish to sell any of the books on this site, you may set your own price and keep any money that you make from the sale.

You are not permitted to change the content of any of the books that are available on this site.

When sharing our books they must remain in PDF format and can not be edited in any way from the original download.

You must not create links to any of the images on this site (known as 'hot linking') Doing so will be considered theft of bandwidth and appropriate action will be taken. Linking to 'thumbnails' of images is also not permitted.

The free books that are provided on this site offer related products and services for sale. Active members of Auto Affiliate Program will earn a commission for any product purchased through an ebook downloaded from this website if you arrived at the site via their referral link.

You may not use this site for any illegal activity.

Terms of Use - Section Two: Auto Affiliate Program Members

This website has been specifically designed for members of Auto Affiliate Program to be used as a promotional tool to assist in the distribution of affiliate branded ebooks. When linking to this website members must their unique link as directed at Auto Affiliate Program

Affiliates will only be credited with sales generated from the free books available at this website and the links throughout the site if they meet ALL of the following criteria:

1. Must be a full paying member of Auto Affiliate Program

2. Must use the correct linking method as described at Auto Affiliate Program

3. Must NOT use Spam tactics to promote this website in any way.

4. Branded links within distributed ebooks will only remain active while the member remains a member of Auto Affiliate Program. Membership to Auto Affiliate Program will be revoked if a member cancels their membership subscription or is found to be using illegal Spam tactics to promote the site.

All payments are processed through ClickBank in accordance with their policies.

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